Allworx Reach FAQs

FAQs for Allworx Reach Users

Can I use an Allworx desk phone and an Allworx Reach device at the same time?

Yes.  Any mobile device (e.g. iPhone, iPad, Android) enabled with the Allworx Reach application is an independent device.  You can include it in your call routes just like any other phone. The device can be set to ring based on your call routes and presence setting, so it can ring independently, simultaneously with a desk phone, or in any order you choose.

Can I use multiple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, and/or Android) as an Allworx Reach handset at the same time?

Yes. A single user can use any combination of multiple Allworx Reach devices at the same time. Each Allworx Reach application installation requires a valid Allworx Reach license on the Allworx server.

I bought a new mobile device, how do I migrate my Allworx Reach handset to it?

Install the Allworx Reach application on the new mobile device, and then configure the server information (Info tab > My Server > IP address, username, and password) and tap Login. Select the option:

  • Migrate handset from another device – displays a list of Allworx Reach handsets installed on your other mobile devices. Tap an existing handset name to move that handset to the new mobile device. The Allworx Reach application immediately stops functioning on the original mobile device.

For the new mobile device, there is also an option to leave the current Allworx Reach handset in place and install a new Allworx Reach handset license with one of the options:

  • Create New – displays the number of Allworx Reach licenses available to the user and the number of available licenses in the system. Selecting this option enables using the Allworx Reach phone options in the mobile device.
  • Reserved – indicates the Allworx Server Administrator saved a license for the new mobile device, but the user did not claim the license yet.
Are any Allworx Reach licenses available without purchasing a license? Can I try the application before I buy it?

Yes. Each Allworx server running software version 7.5 or higher supports one complimentary Allworx Reach license. All other Allworx Reach license keys or license packs require a purchase.

Can I have multiple Allworx Reach device licenses on a single Allworx Server?

Yes. The Allworx Reach licenses are available in increments of one, five, and ten. The Allworx Server Administrator can add licenses in varying increments, as needed. The Allworx server supports the number of licenses necessary to meet your requirements. However, the Allworx server does not support the total number of users with Allworx Reach devices in excess of the total number of Allworx Reach licenses. Devices that do not have licenses have voicemail abilities only.

Can the Allworx Server Administrator add or change users allowed to use the Allworx Reach application without purchasing a new license?

Yes. The Allworx Server Administrator can add, remove, or change ownership of Allworx Reach handsets, just like Allworx desk phones.

If I call someone from the Allworx Reach application on my cell phone, does it show my cell phone caller ID?

No. The Allworx Reach application uses Wi-Fi or a cellular carrier data network to connect to the Allworx server. When using the Allworx Reach application to make a call, the Caller ID originates from the Allworx server, so the Allworx server or the carrier connected to the Allworx server generates the caller ID presented to the other party.

Is the Allworx Reach Application on my mobile device placing a cellular phone call?

No. The Allworx Reach application makes data connections to the Allworx server via Wi-Fi or cellular networks; it is NOT placing a cell phone call or using your cellular data minutes. The Allworx Server Administrator can configure the Allworx Reach handsets to access Wi-Fi networks only to avoid using cellular data bytes.

Can I conference an Allworx Reach call and a cell phone call?

No. You can only conference two Allworx Reach calls together.

Can I change networks (Wi-Fi “A” to Wi-Fi “B”, or cellular data to Wi-Fi) while on an active call?

Yes. Users can manually park the call to the Allworx server, switch networks, and then retrieve the call. Press the Park icon to park the call.

Note: after parking the call to the Allworx server, any Allworx user on the server can retrieve it.

To retrieve a parked call:

  1. Tap the Calls tab.
  2. Tap the Parked filter.
  3. Tap the green telephone icon of the parked call.

Mobile devices that do not support simultaneous cellular and data connectivity drop Allworx Reach calls, if a cellular call comes in and turns off the data network connection.

I downloaded the Allworx Reach application, but I cannot get it to work. Why?

The Allworx Reach application is not a standalone application. It requires provisioning a valid license on an Allworx server running software version 7.5 or later. To determine if you are eligible to use the Allworx Reach application, please contact the Allworx Server Administrator or the Authorized Allworx partner that manages the Allworx system for the proper provisioning of an Allworx Reach device license on the Allworx server.

The administrator needs to provide each Allworx Reach user with the static IP address of the Allworx server. The user enters the IP address information into the Info tab > My Server section of the Allworx Reach application, along with the correct username and password.

I have a password setup on my mobile device. How do I answer a call?

When the Allworx Reach device receives a call, it notifies you. If the mobile device requires a password, enter the password prior to answering the call.

What does the number badge on the Allworx Reach application icon represent?

The number shown on the Allworx Reach application icon on the mobile device home screen shows the sum of calls presented to the Allworx Reach device that went unanswered plus the number of new voicemails. The Allworx Reach application counts any received call that does not leave a message or any call that left a voicemail message. If the count is greater than nine, the Infinitity symbol (∞) displays within the badge. The count resets after visiting the Calls tab within the application and after listening to the new voicemails.

Can I use the Allworx Reach application to check my voicemail?

Yes. The Allworx Reach application shows real time status of all the messages in your voicemail box. When displaying the Voicemail tab, the screen shows the available messages. Listen to the messages in any order and pause, forward, or delete the messages. You can also create and send voicemail messages to other Allworx directory contacts.

What do the different Contact filters represent?

The Allworx Reach application accesses and displays the Contacts within the Allworx server and the mobile device contacts application.

Apple iOS
All Directories
Displays contacts within the Allworx server and the mobile device contacts application.
Allworx Directory
Displays contacts within the Allworx server.
Personal Directory
Displays contacts within the mobile device contacts application.
Favorites Directory
Displays contacts marked as Favorite within the Allworx server and mobile device contacts application. You can mark either Directory or Personal contacts as Favorites.
Can I add or delete Contacts within the Allworx Reach application?

No. You can add phone numbers to the existing personal contacts on the device, but you cannot add or delete contacts or users from within the Allworx Reach application.

Why is there a field for a Cell Number in “My Settings”?

When connected to Wi-Fi and on an active Allworx Reach call, to leave the Wi-Fi hotspot, press the “Transfer” action icon, and select the “To My Cell Phone” option. The call transfers from the AllworxReach application to your cellular phone on the cellular network. You may enter a number other than the device number, if preferred.

How do I add pictures to my contacts?

Use photos from either the mobile device picture application or use the mobile device camera to add pictures to the contacts.

To edit existing directory contacts on the iPhone or iPad:

  • Tap the contact to open the Contact Detail page.
  • Tap the Edit button. The What do you want to do? dialog box displays.
  • Tap an option.

To edit existing directory contacts on the Android mobile device:

  • Tap the contact to open the Contact Detail page.
  • Tap the contact photo area. The Edit Photo dialog box displays.
Apple iOS Option
Android Option
Delete Photo
Delete the current photo
Take Photo
Take with Camera
Open the camera option to capture a new photo to use
Change Photo
Select from Gallery
Open the Camera Roll application to choose another photo
iPhone only: exits the edit screen
All other mobile devices: tap outside the dialog box

To edit existing personal contacts on the iPhone or iPad:

  • Tap the contact to open the Personal Contact Detail page.
  • Tap the Edit button. The contact information displays, as well as the option to Send Message, FaceTime, share Contact, or Add to Favorites.
  • Tap the Edit button again. Tap the picture area to change the photo. See the options in the table above to change the photo. Tap Done to save the change.
I removed the Allworx Reach application instead of updating it and lost all my contact pictures. What happened?

The Allworx Reach application associates the pictures in the device camera roll to the contacts. When deleting the Allworx Reach application from the mobile device, the application deletes the association between the pictures and the contacts. When upgrading to a newer version of the Allworx Reach application, the association of the pictures to the contacts remains.

Can I delete a single call in the Call History list?

iPhone and iPad: Yes. Locate the call item in the Call History list and do a right-swipe. Tap the Delete button to remove the call item.

Android mobile device: No. Users cannot delete a single call history listing, only the entire Call History list.<

Can all my users use the Allworx Reach application instead of Allworx Mobile Link for accessing voicemail?

Yes. Use the Allworx Reach application (with Server 7.5 or higher) to access voicemail. Every Allworx Reach application with a configured handset has voicemail access. In addition, a server with an Allworx Mobile Link feature key enables using the Allworx Reach application without a handset license for voicemail access.

What do the options on Info > My Handset mean?
Apple iOS Option
Android Option
Delete handset on this device
Release (device only)
The handset still exists on the server, retains its configuration (such as its place in all your call routes), and users can add the handset to any other device running the Allworx Reach application (without administrator assistance). To reclaim the license, select  “Migrate handset from another device” list.
Delete handset on this device and on server
Delete (forever)
The handset no longer exists on the mobile device or the server; it is gone. The license is available for the system or the Allworx Server Administrator to give it to someone else before you ask for it again. To get another handset the administrator may need to reserve a new one for you, or make you eligible to create a new one.

When deleting a handset from a device, users cannot place or receive calls but can still access voicemail, if the server has the Allworx Mobile Link feature key.

I did an auto-attendant recording (a voicemail greeting) with my Allworx Reach handset. When I listen to the recording, the quality sounds bad.

Currently, the ability of the server to record greetings is intolerant of network packet loss. As a result, recordings made via lossy networks may have impaired quality. A recording made on any remote network may have this issue, but many Wi-Fi networks are particularly prone to bursts of network packet loss. Local or wired networks often are best for making these recordings. Allworx Reach handsets and Allworx desk phones are better at delivering good audio despite impaired network conditions.

Is the Allworx Reach application available for any other mobile phones, such as Blackberry devices or Windows phones?

Currently, there are no plans to make the Allworx Reach application available for Blackberry or Windows phones.

Why do incoming Allworx Reach calls only ring for about one and a half times?

By default, recent versions of iOS use “Banner” style notifications, which display for a few seconds before being automatically hidden, if the user doesn’t interact with them. To ensure that you receive all of your incoming Allworx Reach calls, switch to “Alert” style notifications.

  1. Open the iOS Settings application, and find tap Allworx Reach (located near the bottom).
  2. Navigate to Notifications > ALERT STYLE WHEN UNLOCKED (located at the bottom) > Alerts (located on the far right). This ensures the notification remains visible as long as your handset is ringing.

I am unable to use Reach Remote Control with my off-site Verge IP phone. It works with my office phone, but if I connect a Verge IP phone on my home network/hotel network/etc., I get a message that Reach is unable to connect.

If your Verge IP phone is at a remote location (such as a home office or a hotel) on a private network (behind a firewall), then your mobile device must be connected to the same private network to use Reach Remote Control.
For example:

  • Your Verge IP phone is in in your home office behind your home router.
    • This works: Your mobile device connected with WiFi to the same router can control your Verge IP phone with Reach RC.
    • This won’t work: Your mobile device on cellular 4G can’t reach devices on your home network, so Reach Remote Control won’t work.
  • Your Verge IP phone is in your corporate office on a network directly connected to your Allworx server.
    • This works: Your mobile device connected with WiFi to your corporate network can control your Verge phone.
    • This also works:  Your mobile device connected with cellular 4G to your Allworx server can ask the server to connect on your behalf, so Reach Remote Control works.

FAQs for Reach for Android

The Allworx Reach for Android application supports devices running Android 4.0 and higher. The following devices have undergone testing in our audio lab, and the audio parameters have been tuned (results should be better than on other untuned devices). There is wide variation in audio performance among Android devices. We have tested some of the most popular devices in our audio lab, and the Allworx Reach for Android application includes tuned audio profiles for these devices:
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Google/LG Nexus 4
  • Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  • Google Nexus S
  • Google Nexus 7 [tablet]

Other devices use a default audio profile, which has adequate performance on many devices. Over time, we will continue to test additional devices and tune the application. Reports from end users are welcome; users can place a call, and then use the “Report a Problem” feature to describe whether any issues they hear (good or bad). This mechanism helps identify devices of particular interest to users, and provides some log information to assist the audio tuning process.

Notable negative results from device tuning (as of 11/22/2013):

  • Google Nexus 10 [tablet] – Exhibits poor speakerphone echo canceller performance: remote parties may hear substantial echo of their own voice. We recommend using a headset.
Is the Allworx Reach application available for the Amazon Kindle Fire?

No. Currently, Allworx plans to distribute the Allworx Reach application only via the Google Play Store - which is not available on the Kindle. In addition, the Kindle has very aggressive power management that leaves WiFi disabled most of the time, which makes the Kindle particularly unsuitable as a platform for receiving phone calls.

Why don't I see the contacts from my Microsoft Outlook Exchange account on one of my Android devices?

Allworx has seen this phenomenon on some devices. The problem is the Contacts to display setting of the device People or Contact application looks accurate, but it needs customization to behave correctly.

To correct this problem:

  1. Launch the device People or Contacts application.
  2. Tap the Menu or button and select Contacts to display.
  3. Tap Customize or Customize list.
    1. Select the Exchange account (most likely subtitled Corporate).
    2. Tap the All Contacts checkbox.
    3. Tap OK.
  4. Tap the Menu or button and select Contacts to display.
  5. Tap All contacts to return the device back to the apparent original state. The customized Exchange setting is still in effect.
  Why can't I use my Bluetooth headset to answer a call?

Currently, the Reach for Android application does not support answering a call with a Bluetooth headset answer button. You must answer the call within the Reach for Android application.

  My HTC EVO device does not receive Allworx Reach incoming calls reliably.

This is a known issue with the HTC EVO device because the power management feature turns off the Wi-Fi modem regardless of the device settings.

  Why doesn't the wired headset microphone connected to the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone work?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 phone uses the handsfree microphone on the device when a wired headset is connected. There is no workaround to activate the wired headset microphone.

FAQs for Reach for iPhone and iPad

  Known Issues with iOS 8

iOS 8 was released by Apple on Wednesday 9/17/2014.

Allworx recommends upgrading to Allworx Reach version (available 10/30/2014 on the App Store), especially on devices running iOS 8. It fixes the most severe iOS 8 incompatiilities.

Known Issues, under investigation
  • iOS 8 Wi-fi interoperability issues. Allworx has observed poor iOS 8 Wi-fi interoperability especially on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices, and more frequently on non-Apple Wi-fi access points. On occasion the mobile device's Wi-fi performance may degrade for several seconds.
Fixed in Allworx Reach
  • Temporary network degradation (reducing audio quality for some time thereafter) immediately after audio route change on iOS 8 devices especially iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
  • iPad only: The application presents the audio route choices with an oversize “AirPlay” heading and partially clips the last list item.
  • iPhone only: If a call is placed in Handset mode, you cannot switch to Bluetooth during the call.
  • If the Allworx Server administrator sets a user’s setting of "Password Change Required", Reach will not allow you to change the password in the app (button is unresponsive).
Fixed in Allworx Reach (9/25/2014), workarounds for
  • iPhone only: Changing audio routes presents a list of blank unresponsive choices. On some devices (iPhone 5), this fills in after several seconds, and subsequently works quickly. On other devices it stays blank.

    Workaround for With the blank audio route menu showing, reset the application page in one of two ways:
    • Press the Home button to place Allworx Reach into the background. Tap the Reach icon to bring the app back into the foreground. The audio route menu should appear normal.
    • Press the On/Off button to turn off the iPhone screen. Turn it back on. The audio route menu should appear normal.
  • Pressing the Home button or switching to another app mutes the Allworx Reach in-call audio.

    Workaround for The call is still active. Foreground the Reach app (tap the Reach icon) to resume the call.
  I was on an Allworx Reach call when an incoming cell phone call rang in and automatically placed my Allworx Reach call on hold. What happened?

In the Apple iOS environment, cell phone calls have the first priority. When an incoming cell phone call arrives and you answer it, it takes precedence over any other application. When you answer the cell phone call, the Allworx Reach application automatically places the current call on hold, and when the cell phone call ends, you can retrieve the Allworx Reach call to continue the conversation.

  I changed my mind about whether the Allworx Reach application should have access to my mobile device Contacts. How do I change that setting?

On the iOS mobile device, tap the "settings" application icon. Locate and tap the "Privacy" option, and then tap the "Contacts" option. Locate and toggle the Allworx Reach option and set it to "ON" or "OFF".

  My Allworx Reach application crashed while adding a photo to a personal contact. What happened?

There is an Apple iOS bug (ID 12752517) that makes adding photos to contacts crash applications in iOS version 5. Apple reports that recent iOS software upgrades may have addressed this issue with iOS 7 beta 1.

FAQs for Allworx Server Administrators

  How are Allworx Reach handsets managed?

You can add Allworx Reach handsets (Phone System > Handsets admin page), just like any other Allworx handset.  You can also make users eligible to create their own handsets by modifying the user’s Feature Eligibility. Then users create new handsets on their mobile device within the set limits, if there are available licenses. Everything about Handset Preference Group, Handset Configuration Templates, and Call Routes still applies.

  How do I tell users how to set up the Allworx Reach application?

The easiest way to inform users about starting to use the Allworx Reach application is to send a setup link from the Maintenance > Feature Keys > Allworx Reach server admin page. The links include customized instructions with the IP address and username as well as a link that imports the setup information for them. Users still need to know their Allworx system password.

  What does the Allworx Reach application need for network or firewall settings?

Allworx Reach mobile devices communicate with the Allworx server with TCP/HTTP on port 8081 for configuration and voicemail, TCP/SIP on port 5060 for call setup and UDP/RTP (various ports) for call audio. The Reach application does not use IMAP or SMTP for voicemail access.

  How do I support my Allworx Reach users?

The Info tab includes a “Report a Problem” link for users to send application logs to you or your support contact, including detailed information such as SIP messaging. You should inform users of the support contact email address.

   How secure is the Allworx Reach application?

The Allworx Reach application is secure because the application:

  • Authenticates all setup and configurations with RFC2617 Digest Authentication (no passwords in the clear on the network) and encrypted with proprietary methods.
  • Encrypts voicemail in transit over the network; stored voicemail audio files are not encrypted, but are protected by the device operating system (iOS or Android) from access by other apps, unless the user has "rooted" their device.
  • Authenticates SIP signals with RFC2617 Digest Authentication (no passwords in the clear on the network, and for Allworx Reach handsets the password changes to something long and random on the Allworx Reach handset restart), but is not encrypted (in the current generation of Allworx phone products).
  • Does not encrypt RTP Media streams (in the current generation of Allworx phone products).


Last updated: 04/24/2017